Dry air

Because of water and moisture in the atmosphere condensate will appear when air is compressed and accumulated into the air receiver and this can cause creation of micro organisms and corrosion. If this should be avoided an effective air-dryer solution needs to be added.

FLAIRMO can offer several oil-free compressor solutions with effective air-dryer mounted.

The EKOM compressors can be delivered with either a membrane dryer or a 2 column adsorption dryer.

The DÜRR compressor can be delivered with a membrane dryer.

FLAIRMO can also offer you “stand alone” adsorption dryers based on the PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption) with and without dew point surveillance and alarm signals.  The dryers can also be delivered in CO2 free versions, where that is needed. The dryers are mounted on the air string on the compressor installation.

The degrade of dry air is defined by the pressure dew point, which is further specified within the compressed air classification according to ISO 8573.1:2001. FLAIRMO can offer you a solution fulfilling any classification needed.

The dry air is needed within many applications like, dental & medico industry, pressurizing TV/Radio broadcast antennas and telephone cables and within general industry where water inside the compressed air is not recommended.