The FLAIRMO silent compressors are oil-lubricated piston compressors with an extreme low noise level starting from 45 dB(A)/1m (whispering level). The FLAIRMO Compressors are very reliable and durable and are designed and produced according to most modern standards and the compressors are delivered well tested from the factory and ready to use with a 2 year warranty. Due to the very low noise level the compressors are ideal when they have to be installed close to the point of use or other areas where low noise is required in the working environment.

FLAIRMO’s own line of oil-free compressor stations are based on compressor aggregates in high quality from our main suppliers. The compressor stations are mounted on different receiver sizes and in our own works shop after the principles “keep it simple”. The compressors stations are build with as few electrical components as possible and can all run continuously with a relatively low noise level and a minimum service level is required. The oil-free compressor line is offering reliable compressed air with long lifetime.

FLAIRMO is also working as distributor for N-PSL (nano-porous system limited) from the UK with their unique patented adsorption dryer technology and state of the art nitrogen-generators.
The people behind N-PSL are extreme experienced with air drying technology and the company is the most innovative company on the market in respect of design and product development. The N-PSL dryers are available in many different sizes and are fulfilling the strongest demand for clean and dry air and are delivering air quality according to ISO 8573:1-2001 class 2 – 2 (0,01µm particles / -40˚C in pressure dew point).

FLAIRMO’s own line of nitrogen-generators can be delivered either with integrated compressor or for external air supply. The generators are made in very reliable and ruggedized materials and are possible to mount directly on the wall or on the floor. The generator series consist of more sizes and the generators can be delivered with different N2 purities. Do you any special requirements not shown on our web, please contact us.