Many of the compressors and vacuum pumps in FLAIRMO’s product range are based on an oil-free technology. That means that during compression or evacuation of the air no further pollution is created inside the pump e.g. via cooling down with oil or similar.

The accumulated air in the air receiver is therefore just as clean as the in-taken air from the surroundings. However due to the moisture in the air, an air dryer is needed to avoid creation of micro organisms and corrosion (see part with dry air).

Within many applications the air quality requirement is oil-free but not necessarily dry air. Due to the construction of the compressors, it is difficult to get an oil-free and same time quite compressor. Therefore we are offering compressors in noise reducing cabinets for almost all EKOM compressors and some DÜRR compressors as well.

Beside the oil-free air quality the oil-free compressors are often also less service demanding, as no oil adding is needed during operation.