There is no clear definition of what noise is. Most people are recognizing noise as a sound that is bothersome and/or undesirable. Even though the sound level during a rock concert can be as loud as the siren on a fire truck, many people are enjoying the loud tunes. For others a ventilator, the sound from a refrigerator or even a computer can be bothersome and have an impact on their well being. It is often individual how we define noise and not all people are as sensitive as others.

Noise don’t necessarily need to be very loud to have a negative impact on our hearing. Continuously, weaker noise can result in tinnitus and stress symptoms like tiredness, head deck, lack of concentration and sleeping problems.

To avoid problems like that FLAIRMO are offering en number of silent compressors with a extreme low noise level from 45 – 55 dB(A) for the benefit of the working environment. All these compressors can be installed on the point of use.